Just Rum

Simple White

Shelf strength, white, pure cane rum

102 proof    51% abv

Lightly floral yet grassy on the nose. It carries the unmistakable pot still aroma. On the tongue it’s earthy, grassy, a little fruity with a pronounced cane essence and a nutty finish.

Uncle John's Cut

Still strength, uncut, pure cane rum

122 proof    61% abv

Lightly floral yet grassy on the nose with a hint of custard. On the tongue, notes of butter, egg custard, definite cane essence and a slight nut finish. Great on its own or as a mixer that will stand up in any cocktail.

Maple Wood Rested

Just Rum rested on toasted Maple Wood

102 proof   51% abv

Lightly floral maple with a hint of pineapple on the nose. On the tongue, buttery sugar, a touch of smoky marshmallows & peanut shell. An incredibly long finish lasting several minutes with a slight maple note on the very back of the palate.

Oregon Oak Rested

Just Rum rested on toasted Oregon Oak

 102 proof   51% abv 

BBQ smoke, vanilla & charred oak on the nose. On the tongue, smokey oak, caramel, vanilla & peanut shell. The finish is long and reminiscent of a dry, oaky chardonnay and toffee.

Seasonal Spiced

Just Rum and Spices a natural infusion with real spices and no sugar added

102 proof   51% abv

Citrus and a light allspice, cardamom scent on the nose. On the tongue the orange and lemon citrus is a nice balance to the other spices leading to a soft vanilla finish.


Just Rum and Blackberries soaked  for 9 months no sugar added

80 proof   40% abv

Light florals and hint of blackberry on the nose. One the tongue it’s mildly tart, dry and tastes of just ripened unsweetened blackberries. Mild spice and slight nut finish