Just Us


Historically inspired rum made from pure cane and a legacy yeast

Our history starts with John HasBrouck inheriting a pot still from his Great Uncle who made his own (not good) whiskey.
The short version:
After inheriting the still John had no interest in making the whiskey of his uncle. A trip to Ecuador and an unexpectedly great bottle of sipping rum set the stage. “How was this bottle of rum so good?” What followed was a trip down a rabbit hole of the history of rum including a memoir by Pe’re Labat, 1693-1705 describing rum production in the late 17th century. The question was what did rum taste like before large commercial stills, yeast that had been engineered to ferment quickly, and all the flavoring and syrups used to flavor rums today? James Roberts, a longtime friend of John’s, offered to help. Using unrefined products to stay as close as possible to true, they mixed up their first batch and waited for it to ferment. 14 days later what came out of the still was simply amazing. Smooth with a multitude of natural flavor. They shared this with other friends and the overwhelming consensus was outstanding. John & James with a third friend, Greg Madsen, decided after tasting history it should be shared with the masses.
They bring you Just Rum
The inheritance still
The first batch of JUST RUM
Making rum in this little still allowed us to refine our cuts and really come to understand the essence of the cane coming through the run. Unlike modern column stills which produce very high alcohol content distillations, pot still distillation is much more of an art.
Obviously such a small still is impractical for a commercial operation. Just Rum continues to be made in a single pot still and single pass. The first commercial still used was 50 gallons in size. Currently, our primary still is 400 gallons but it all started with this converted pony keg.