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Rum in America has changed through the years. At one point in time, America was one of the largest producers of rum. In the 1830's, rum fell out of favor when tariffs & taxes made it unprofitable to produce and whiskey was then plentiful and cheap. Our history starts with John HasBrouck inheriting a pot still from his Great Uncle who made his own (not good) whiskey. The short version is, after inheriting the still John had no interest in making the whiskey of his uncle but set out to taste history. The question was what did rum taste like before large commercial stills, yeast that had been engineered to ferment quickly, and all the flavoring and syrups used to flavor rums today? James Roberts, a longtime friend of John's, offered to help. Using unrefined products to stay as close as possible to true, they mixed up their first batch and waited for it to ferment. 10 days later what came out of the still was simply amazing. Smooth with a multitude of natural flavor. They shared this with other friends and the overwhelming consensus was outstanding. John & James with a third friend, Greg Madsen, decided after tasting history it should be shared with the masses. They bring you Just Rum. No artificial flavors or colors. Try it and taste a piece of history.

Just Rum


Just Rum comes in a few flavors.  

The Simple White is as it comes from the still. It's that simple. Rum in it's purest form. 

Historically alcohols were transported in wooden barrels, including rum. it did not go unnoticed that wood softened the bite of alcohols while imparting additional flavors. The art of aging spirits was born. Many things influence a spirit’s character including the type of wood and the treatment of said wood. Often Oak is chosen for barrels with the Spanish and American varieties topping the list. Then there is the matter toasting or charring to imbue a desired effect. 

Our first wood rested expression was Toasted Oak which has some surprising whiskey like characteristics and to anyone not familiar with rums beyond the mid or bottom shelf, would be mistaken for whiskey. We like to call it the “whiskey drinkers rum.” 

Our Second wood rested expression is the Maple Rested which gets its mellow hint of sweetness direct from toasted sugar maple. Smooth and tasty. Simply must be tried to be understood.

The Road Ahead


Just Rum is currently available throughout Oregon and Washington. 

You can find which Oregon Liquor Stores have our products by using this link.

Enter Just Rum in the Product Description window.

We are actively trying to get Just Rum to all communities in the state and your local liquor store can get it from OLCC for Oregon. 

If you can't find it near you in Washington, send an e-mail to and we'll find a way to get it to you. 

Just Rum Wins Gold at 2019 Maimi RumRenaissance Festival 

Just Rum wins Bronze at Raise a Glass Foundation

Just Rum will soon be distributed in Idaho. (Actively working on getting that in place)  Other States to follow.

Working on a Calendar of Events to be shared on this website. Stay tuned.

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